Café Devotion is the proud parent company of three iconic brands: Devoción, Veneto Café and Rancilio Colombia. Together, these brands represent the highlights of the Colombian coffee industry, including mass market and specialty coffees and the most reliable coffee machinery on the market today.



Devotion is the finest and freshest coffee. Our coffee beans come from farms that we select within the different regions of the country in the most inaccessible areas of Colombia. Our goal is to choose the cherry at the moment of perfect maturity, extraction and drying of the seed, and, finally, to roast to perfection. This is the essence of our art.

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Veneto Café is a blend of 100% Colombian washed Arabica coffee beans of excellent export quality and specialty coffees. Designed to be a high quality coffee at a fair price. Our Veneto brand covers all tastes in the gourmet and specialty coffees category.

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